Just a note from Spider Holler … March 27, 2017
Well, once agin’ it seems as if’n the sun has a’set on more of them shining times at ren-d’vous .. but it was a good’un! Got to set my lodge in amongst some old friends and swap sum lies about just what a great winter season we all has had. While the holler warn’t full, there was plenty of spiders about to break bread and tip a bottle with. Got to see our 2 founders Gary “Broke-Pole” Brett and “Buffalo Mike” Payne. And ther wuz Ed “Doo-Doo” Grace and “Dinkle” Dottie with just a whole swarm of young-uns with help of Dwayne “Little Doo” Grace and his new bride. Steve “PH” Caroll wuz camped down on the end, and on Sat’rday even had a visit from Gary “Marm” Shell and “Mrs. Marm.” And then I looked up to see Winston “Wink” Willey a’standing about, as usual. Even “Grandfather” wer all decked out in his finery once more. Sure ‘nuff a perty site to behold. When you toss in them wannabees Tim “Deadfall” Malloy and Marty Gibson, and all the ‘quatences and pilgrims stopping by camp – well we had some true shining times in the holler! Me and “Broke-Pole” got in a few Spider sessions just sitting ‘round the fire and playin’ some of our’n favorite tunes. But I have to say that as much fun as it wuz, [and it wuz a large time] we sure wuz missing being able to hear that banjo a’plucking. And we sure wuz missing being able to poke some fun at our dear friend and brother. And we sorely did miss being able to share a quick smile, a wink and a good laugh with that ole hoss. But we will get by ‘acause we can remember all of those truly shining times we did share. And you best believe that there are more than we can even begin to recall ... and wouldn’t be a lie amongst any of ‘em.  And speaking of the Ole Hoss hisself, we were blessed to see his wife, Jeannie, and his kids Andy and Rebecca with her husband Kyle and the grand young’uns in camp on Sat’rday also. Like they says, the road just keeps on going.
So while the Holler wuz a jumpin’, we wuz also doing our share of missing folks, and we got us sum to miss … George and Donna Youngblood, Ron and Debbie Gilmore, Lou Donahoe, Bonnie Willey, Norma Bradford – and now our brother Johnny “Hoot” Gibson. While I know it ain’t simple, we all got to remember to not let the sad weigh around your neck like a stone but to hold your head up and try to remember the shared laughs and the good times like you remember that really beautiful sunset that the good Lord a’showed you last year. And when you see the next one he has in store for you, remember them agin’, for that’s where they all are - just a waiting for us to join ‘em.
And before I forget, dang if I didn’t have a rather large passle in my camp as well … luv camping with my family in the Holler!
Wishing everyone shining times ‘til I can next be able to offend you …
Benjy “Squeezebox Spider” Beale