Fall 2014 Rendezvous (October 23 - 26, 2014)

A quick word about the website...
registration forms have been added to the ladies and fall event pages.

The Fall Rendezvous is our next event (unless you're a woman), more information will be available as the event draws near
First and foremost, please remember that this is our FULL primitive event, so to maintain atmosphere and the integrity of the club, keep those rubber soled mocs and modern items out of view as our Dog Soldiers WILL be out and about!

We need volunteers to work various locations (mostly the ranges but also need folks for kid's games, the Inn and the gate).  The more people we have to volunteer, the less time they will be out there - win/win for everyone!

Feel free to contact me at 757-647-4639 (phone or text), via email at ivangarrett@hotmail.com or through Facebook - I will get back with you ASAP.

I remain your most humble servant,
Ivan Garrett, Booshway